Adding A Dimension To A Photograph

A photo will become more than just a photo if we add a new dimension to it, how about adding where the photo was taken, and then we can add another dimension how about what we felt being there when we took the photo and how
about another dimension, say what it smelled like , was it cold was it hot was it humid, was there a wind blowing,if there is a subject what was her/his name and what was his story, so you see a picture can come alive just by writing
all these new colors to it,a photo with a story is a more unique photo and a more valuable photo.
Check out your own experience as you look at other peoples photos, some photos do not say a thing about the photo, sometimes it’s just a very pretty photo but you want to know more, so that’s when you add a few dimensions more to the photo.
Check some of the posts in this blog,some have the picture with the story,some stories are longer than others,but
there’s a story, a new dimension to the photo, of course, this is not new, if you open any newspaper or magazine you will see a
photo with a story, but even if it’s not a new thing your way of seeing things and events can put a unique perspective to your photo. Try it, you’ll like it.
About the Photo Above
It was taken in San Simeon California, my Wife and i were there to visit the Hearst Castle, so this ocean shore is the one you see in one of my photos taken from the castle, this photo was taken just after sundown and my intention was to capture the sunset, but it was not possible because of the clouds that obscured the sun, so i decided to take this photo instead, it was getting cold and the wind was making it hard to take the photo, i could feel the wind moving my arms as i aimed my camera , that wasn’t going to work, i don’t like taking blurry photos, so i took one of my tripods i had with me, the wind almost tipped it over so i took my other heavier tripod and this one did the trick, the camera was steady even in this cold wind, i took several photos just in case and off i went back to the hotel to a warm room where my wife was waiting, she does not share my passion for photography especially in a cold and windy late afternoon.

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