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One of the submarines docked at the San Diego Ca Harbor as part of the marine time museum.

USS Dolphin (AGSS-555) was a United States Navy diesel-electric deep-diving research and development submarine. She was commissioned in 1968 and decommissioned in 2007, and this 38-year career was the longest in history for a US Navy submarine. She was the Navy’s last operational non-nuclear-powered submarine. Full Story 

Febuary  12 2018

Inside A Soviet Submarine

This soviet submarine is also docked at the San Diego Harbor as part of the marine time museaum.

January 6 2018

Between Two Worlds

Photo taken in the building just before entering the USA, between Mexico and the US, they have this spiral type building where you are waiting in line while the US custom and immigration officers check everybody to see if their documents are in order. That day it was a wait of 30 minutes to get into the USA. But that is because it was a Sunday, on week days especially when people living in Tijuana but working in San Diego are crossing the wait for crossing could be hours.

January 2 2018

Photo was taken at the Seaside village downtown San Diego Ca. a person had made this rock formation.The other photo is of part of the building of a restaurant.

January 4 2018

Photos taken at the Moca Museum in downtown Los Angeles Ca.

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