The Real Photographic Composer

Imagine that you go out to the world not to take The Final Picture, but to pluck images from the world to construct your final image.
You go out and you see a tree and you like that tree because it would look good in your final image, then you see a statue you also like for your final picture, and you keep taking photos of things in the world that you would

like, so after maybe days or weeks of taking pictures from here and there you are satisfied with the batch of images, then you head home to your computer and start to build your final image inside Photoshop, first you have to isolate the part you need from each photograph, then you put them in a file, then you start with the background in which you will put your picked images, you move them around to see where they will look the best, then after some time you finally have your Final Image, one that you made from many other images, but this image is your creation, everything in the image was put there by you, it’s an imaginary world in which you are the creator.
The trick is to make the image look real, not just a montage of different images without any perspective or reason.
Here is one of my images i created.

The background is from a painting from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the musician is street performer that sometimes performs at the harbor in San Diego or at Balboa park, the small monk (just to the right of the singer under the black bird in the guitar) is actually an almost 5 foot statue of a monk that is exhibited at the Getty Museum.
Then the last thing is a mesh type of thing i put all around the picture.
The performer is actually dressed that way in reality, dead birds and all, and all white.

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