Your Not A Real Photographer If You Use Photoshop

Juan Ortega Photography

Somebody once told me this some time ago because i told him that i used photoshop and Lightroom, for some reason he believed that a real photo is the one that comes out of the camera and that you are not supposed to alter it, not even crop it, so that interested me a bit, not because he said i wasn’t a photographer, I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer, but what interested me was his mentality, his way of thinking, how on earth did this guy get to believe that, or where did he get that belief or doctrine or whatever you want to call it, to me that was interesting because it reminded me off some religious people that said that their beliefs are the real ones and anybody that didn’t believe like them would go to hell. 

So here was this guy that had a belief and was telling me that i was not a photographer, this title “Photographer” must have been very important to him because he said it like if it was important, he did not know that I’ve never liked titles and believe that the title is of no importance, what is important is the final product, The Photo.
Throughout the years i found out that there are groups of people like him and there are the other people also that are the opposite, that use photoshop and any program to make their photos better.
I believe in freedom of thinking and that freedom will let you be creative so that is why i don’t belong to any type of belief, or school of thought, i choose to be free and make my own school of thoughts no matter how many people get angry. I don’t belong to any photo club but i do belong to some Facebook photo groups, but not because i need their approval for my photos i belong to them to see what other are doing and that gives me ideas and also it let’s me know what i should not do.
I don’t have many cameras i just have two, a Sony A 6000 and an Nikon A5300, each camera has a different job to do so i used them depending on the type of photo i want to take, for fast moving objects or people i use the Sony A6000 because it has a super fast focusing system and high burst of photo taking, and i use the nikon when i want to take tripod set photos of inanimate objects and i can use it in an all manual way because it has a terrible focusing system, so i use manual focusing, and i also use it for short video shoots.
I don’t need any other cameras I’m happy with those two.
In conclusion, life as a free thinking amateur photographer feels very good, and I’m very happy this way, i don’t really care how other photographers think, they can do or not do whatever they want, jusr like i do, it’s their business not mine, so i live and let live. I just want to have fun with my hobby, and i don’t make it to be a very serious thing, it’s just taking photos.