6 steps To Become The Best Photographer In The World

Step #1
Never ever compare yourself to any other photographer 

Step #2

Do the opposite of what everybody else is doing, don’t try to stand out from the crowd avoid it completely and learn to fly solo.
Step #3
Stay away from internet photography websites (except the one you are right now)that can and will poison your mind with technical stuff and then say that you need to buy the latest camera on the market.
Step #4
Do not follow the rules of photography, create your own rules, like the following rules

1.- never take photos at eye level
2.- Take photos of things you need to later build your photos from parts of those photos and make a completely new image, this is called harvesting images with the intent to make a final image using parts of other images, this is really creativity.
3.- Never take photos of people taking a pose, or knowing they are being photographed.
4.-never take just one photo, put your camera in burst mode and take at least 60 or 80 photos of the people you are photographing, then select the best one.

Etc Etc

Step #5
Only take photos for yourself, never for anybody else (unless you’re a pro) forget about competitions and exhibitions, if you want to put your photos out there in the world use a website and put some information on each photo if you can.
Step #6
Make the main purpose of your photos to be unique and nothing else, ugly unique or beautiful unique but unique. 
There are two types of photos actually, interesting photos and boring photos, never make boring photos. 
Imagine that every photo that you take has to be entertaining, interesting but never boring.
In todays world where information and photos travel the world in an instant and we have at a push of a button on our computer keyboard the ease of finding thousand of beautiful photos then what happens is that beautiful photos of landscapes or skyscapes lose all their attractiveness, plus there are millions, so making interesting photos is the only way to go for a photographer.