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Creativity In Photography

Welcome to my site, my name is Juan Ortega, this website/blog is about sharing what i have discovered about photography and creativity in the 52 years i have been playing around with a camera, i started with a polaroid swinger that only made black and white photos, then a few years later i managed to buy a Minolta srt 101 and then i got into developing my own black and white photos, for color i took my slides to a lab, that went on for some years but eventually i gave up on the hobby for reasons unknown, but then a few years later picked it up  again and till this day the hobbie is going strong.
What i will NOT be writing about is the technical stuff of photography, i have studied it from A to Z  just like any other photographer, and find it very boring, sometimes useful but i have a different opinion on the rules and regulations of photography, instead i will write about something more interesting, “How to know what to photograph” ” What scene is better to photograph” The creativity part of photography. I strongly believe that the technical part of photography is only about 20% of the photograph and that 80% of the photograph is the content in it. What you find on the internet and in courses is a never-ending of the same thing which is the rules and technics of photography with a bit of what lighting is, which i don’t say is not good to apply but what i say is bad is that they give to much importance to that,it’s like the photo would be made just off that, and they don’t teach you where to aim the camera and why, so that’s what I’ll be writing about .
Hope the information on this site is useful to you.