A Visit To The Supermarket At 5:30 AM

The day started with my wife telling me “Wake up, it’s time to go” and i answered in a half-sleep way, “Go where”  to Wincos she said, then i remembered our favorite supermarket named “Winco” was having 2 hours dedicated only for old people 65 and older, in other words to seniors, nobody younger than 65 could get in, and that was to protect us, seniors, from the youngsters that usually roam the world freely and by consequence be carrying the nefarious coronavirus,  there was a guy at the entrance that was making sure you were old enough which we didn’t have any trouble showing.

This Corona Virus thing has really changed our lives completely, having to shop that early and then wearing gloves and being all paranoid about germs, it’s really crazy, you don’t see this type of situations but in the movies, now we all are living in a movie called “Pandemia”.
So we go in and start searching, we start with the most important thing we need and that is toilet paper, we go to the toilet paper section and to my surprise there was some toilet paper, so we took one bag (Limit to one per customer) and then we went to the second most important item, bottled water, and we found tons of it , cases of 24,(limit 2 per customer), then we went ahead with the rest of our needed food items. 
I am new to the old seniors thing, what i mean is i just recently turn old, i didn’ used to be old and i don’t know how it happened, it was like it creeped on me and then suddenly, everybody treats me like i am old, “Do you need help with that sir?” says an employee of home depot, sir here sir there, i didn’t use to be a sir and now everybody calls me sir, young women are especially loving and caring, they probably see me like they see their grandfather, i wished they had been like that when i was 25 years old. So what does this coronavirus and old age mean to a photographer like me?, it means i can’t go out anymore, because mandated by the highest authority of the land “The governor” we are all to stay locked up at home, especially the old seniors citizens, so that is what my wife and i are doing, the only one going out is my 36 year old son, that has to go to work every day, but the good thing is that he does not work with crowds, it’s him and maybe 2 other workers, my wife is working from home, and so am i.
We used to go out to Winco or Walgreens or post office when the pandemic started but we realized it was to dangerous so we are in real full lockdown now, we’re going to order our groceries by internet and our medicines mailed to us and let the mailman pick up our mail. 
I have looked for face masks or mouth covers and have not been able to find any, so o decided to make my own. Here’s a video i put on youtube that shows how i make them.