Are You Entangled In Political News

Why are we all so much interested in political news, why do we think that we can do anything about it, the only thing to do is vote when the time comes, and if you are already a Republican or Democrat you will vote for whoever the party candidate is anyway, no matter how crazy the candidate is, so why not just wait for the voting day and not get entangled in the incredible amount of political news that we are bombarded with every day, it didn’t use to be like that you know,


political news was just part of the news but it was not the main news or the only news like it is today, back many years ago you only saw that type of news in communist countries where people had to watch all day long speeches of the president or dictator and that was it, television and radio were just the way the dictator or communist president forced his doctrines on the people in his benefit of course. But this is America so why are they feeding our brain with so much crap.
The solution to the crap, you take off to some isolated place like the desert or the beach, with your camera of course and you take pictures, if possible you take off for the whole weekend or if you are one of the lucky ones that have a lot of money and have found the fountain of youth then you take off for a whole month, once there away from any news outlet you will start to cleanse yourself from the pollution in your brain and you will start to feel the joy of a life free of news crap, and you will live happily ever after.


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