Be Original, Think For Yourself

Imitating is something we all do but should not do because it’s the opposite of being yourself, and the only way to be good at photography is if you take your own photos not like somebody else you admire.
Example of imitation is the camera film camera Leica, don’t remember what brand, why is it that a lot of the street photographers are using a Leica with black and white 35mm film, because someone of the famous street photographers have been taking photos with a 35mm film Leica camera so they go and get the same camera.
To imitate is to kill your creativity and that is because real creativity will be or originate from your own very personal way of seeing the world or seeing people, if you imitate you are trying to be somebody else and that is the opposite of being you.
The creative and original photographer will not consider other photographers at all, he will not care for their opinion, what would other photographers now about your very personal tastes, and likes.
I like the color yellow and orange and sometimes red so i always have the tendency to photograph scenes in which those colors are present, i like people more than landscapes nd i like people in motion or doing something and i try to look for feelings in people, no matter what feeling, anger, happiness, sadness etc. and i try to take the photo without them knowing, because once they see my presence and see i have a camera the whole attitude of the subject changes, those are my very personal requirements for a photo, they are based on my very personal likes. I am trying to take photos of people and things that i find interesting that project a feeling, so my goal is to dig deeper into my very personal way of seeing the world.

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