Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

One of my favorite movies is “The secret life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller,
I have read that this daydreaming and imagining things is the core of where books get their existence
or where movies are also born, the movie has a lot of messages, basically it’s about somebody that has always dreamed about doing things in life and how suddenly he is forced to go out of his comfortable life and go after a piece of film that was missing, and it also involves a photographer that does not take the picture because he does not want the camera to get in the way of “Being in it” of having the experience, and then he leaves the camera and goes to play soccer with a group of natives that are just having fun. Best scene in the movie.
So for a photographer, it’s a balancing of being behind the camera and being part of the scene, some photographers take it too seriously and they set up themselves apart from the activity they are photographing and they are always just witnesses of the events and never participants, maybe it’s better not to be so serious about photography and participate when possible and have fun. 

Here’s the clip.

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