Between Two Worlds


Between Two Worlds
Between Two Worlds

Literally photo take in the middle between the 3rd world and the 1st world.
When you walk from Tijuana Mexico to San Diego Ca. you have to go thru this spiral type of building before being inspected by the USA immigration Officers after they check your documentation and see everything is in order then you leave the 3rd world and enter the 1st world.


I live in the USA and that day i had gone to visit the dentist in Tijuana, my wife and i drove from the city of Murrieta which is just past the San Diego county line, so we live in the Riverside county, that represents an hour and thirty minutes drive just to get to the border, sometimes it’s longer depending on the traffic. Then we leave our car on the USA side and walk to Tijuana, that’s a short walk that takes us about 15 minutes to get to Tijuana (the 3rd world) once there we take a taxi to the doctors office.
So why so much trouble being that maybe the service of a dentist should be better on the 1st world compared to the 3rd world, well that is a wrong assumption, it’s a lot better service in the 3rd world than in the 1st world, of course not all dentists or doctors ar good, you just have to pick the best ones, and they will give you a much better service than any doctor in the USA. Or at least in California, i don’t know of the rest of the Country.And the price is about 1/4 of what you would pay in the USA.
I once went to a local dentist because i had three cavities and a tooth that had to be extracted, so the price for that and a lot of other things the dentist found that had to be done was $2500.00 , when she told me that i said , i am sorry i don’t have that money to pay for all that, and she said “Don’t worry, here fill this application and after you are approved we’ll start , it was an application for a credit card with an interest rate that was crazy, i respectfully told her , i am sorry i’ll have to think about it and left, not before she tried to convince me to sign the application, that’s when i started to go to Tijuana, the doctor in Tijuana did the same job for $500.00 and that was 5 years ago and till this day i am a happy customer.
So that’s the story behind the photo.

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