Deja Vu

Juan Ortega Photography

I was walking one beautiful day of summer on the Oceanside Pier, when my eyes caught a beautiful event, a young couple in love, oh boy was that a perfect photo. But then i realized that that same event happened to me but about 40 years ago or 45, well i was about 19 years old and my girlfriend was 17 she later became my wife and still is, she is 63 and i am 65 years old, you could say we did grow old together, but when i saw that young couple it reminded me of 45 years ago,

my girlfriend was angry at me and i didn’t know why, she was sitting and had her hands in her shin just like the girl in the photo, and i was standing just like the boy in the photo and was doing the same thing he was, asking her what was wrong , i asked her “What, why are you angry?” and she wouldn’t answer, so i kept insisting, and still no answer, “Ok i told her, we’ll just stay here for the rest of the day until you talk to me”
Then i did the same thing the boy did, i bent over and gave her a kiss in the cheek, that seemed to work a little than i told her i am going to give you kisses until you forgive me, and that was what this boy was doing and it didn’t take much and the girl showed signs of no anger, and off they went holding hands, same happened to me, after a few kisses we were off to somewhere holding hands, i never asked again what was she angry about, because it would bring the anger back, now the question is Do i still use that method of melting anger, the answer is yes, but it does not work every time, so that’s the story behind that photo.

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