Do You Have Something To Say

We all are born with the need to express ourselves, it’s just something we humans do and it is a necessity almost like breathing or eating. We need to bring out what is inside our head, and some use different means or media to do it, some use paper and pencil to draw their thoughts, some use a canvas and paint to do it, some dance and some sing, and some write, and then there are the ones that take photos. “Oh but i don’t take photos to say anything you say” Ah but you are saying something, you are saying “This is either attractive to me or interesting, and by doing so you are telling the world who you are and what you like, and some photographers go a bit further and not only take pictures of what they like and interest them but also what they are afraid off or if they take a series of photos they even can tell a complete story they like to express.
But then we get stuck in expressing the same thing over and over again, some people have been expressing “Beauty” for 20 years, and that’s it, nothing else. 95% of amateur photographers choose beauty as their photographic topic, nothing wrong with beauty, but what is wrong is the lack of evolution, of evolving of going forward into a better way to express yourself. A lot of photographers lose interest in photography because they get tired of taking the same “Beauty” photos and because that’s all they think it is then they lose interest.

If you look at photography as a way of expressing yourself and forget about being afraid of letting the world know your most secret thoughts by expressing them in photos, you will find a new way of photographing, suddenly the camera is not where the photos originate from but now you are taking photos that originate from your OPINIONS, your mentality, you will be expressing your way of thinking through your photos.

Explanation of this photo;

I took about 100 photos of the guys holding the repent signs, i kept following them because i wanted a frame or some other subjects in the picture that would contrast in beliefs with them. I believe in Jesus even though i don’t believe in Paul, so i don’t know if i am a Christian or not but religion is one of my topics in my photography. So by taking this photo i saw the confrontation between the world at your left and the preachers at your right, this symbolizes, the constant battle of believers trying to convince people to turn to God.
I took this photo at Hollywood Blvd not far from the famous Chinese theatre.

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