Fanatic Photographer VS Real Photographer

I will start with who the fanatic photographer is, HE is (i  capitalize He because this condition hits mostly the males of the human species, females seem to be immune, maybe because they are smarter) the photographer that knows all the names of the cameras by numbers and letters, he knows all the lenses and their apperture and all their talk is technical about the camera, they say they are photographers but they are actually camera technicians, they never talk about photography and the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met or the food they’ve eaten in those places, they never talk about the feeling they experienced while taking this or that photo.

The Real Photographer will never talk about his camera because it’s just a tool, it’s like a wood worker talking all day long about his saw and never about his creations, so the real photographer will talk mainly about the experience, the feeling, the places he’s been to, the people he has met, he will talk about that beautiful tree he saw in such place or the very interesting person he met and photographed, or that very rare animal he encountered and photographed.
The camera only takes pictures, the mind takes feelings and moods, expressions, happiness or sadness, anger, take photos with your mind not your camera.

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