Feelings is the language used by the right side of the brain to communicate with you and it’s where art awareness and creativity live, on the left side lives the rules of photography, aperture, shutter speed etc. so if you are a heavy technical photographer then you are using the left side of your brain and not being creative.
The right creative side of the brain can only communicate with you by feelings or imagination, so you have to learn how to interpret your feelings, and start using your imagination. All this is to get you to know yourself in order to optimize your natural talents and excel in photography.
It’s been said over and over again by the great photographers of the past that they look for a special type of feeling in a scene to be photographed, and that can only be archived by learning to listen to your feelings, your feelings are going to guide you to what type of photographs you are better at, don’t waist time trying to take photos of scenes that you think are the best ones because you are trying to imittate a photographer you admire, better spend your time finding out what you are good at, and once you find out then go all speed ahead in that type of photography.