Hollywood California

Hollywood California, the place where movies are made, a magical place where there are tons of people coming in from all over the United States and all over the world, some are coming as tourists but a lot of them come because they have a dream, a dream of becoming a movie star or a very famous singer, is this really possible? I believe that it is very hard, actually, it’s super hard but not impossible, it may take years and it probably depends more on how you look than how talented you really are, but that’s the way it is.
So where are the movie stars? well, they’re not seen in the streets unless there’s an event taking place like putting a new star at the famous walk of fame in Hollywood Blvd.
For info and scheduled next star placement ceremony go to http://www.walkoffame.com/pages/upcoming-ceremonies
it’s free and it’s always on a weekday, you can see the stars, but be prepared to be with a large crowd of people.
For street photography Hollywood Blvd. is the best place because there are not only tons of people but there are also tons of unique looking people that you don’t see anywhere else, well you do see them here in southern California but not all at the same place, Hollywood Blvd. especially in front of the Chinese theatre is where you want to go if you are a street photographer and then you walk up and down Hollywood Blvd, for more street photography, best day for street photography is Saturday between 4pm and 8 pm .
Other places to visit for great street photography close to Hollywood Blvd. is Santa Monica Pier and 4th street in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, but don’t go at night to Venice Beach because it could not be safe.
Here are some photos of the place