The Secret Formula For Success In Photography

Ok Juan, you loud mouth, if you know the secret formula for success in photography why haven’t you applied it to your own photography? Who Says i have not used it and who says i am not successful, i am successful in my photography. Just take a look at my photos they are incredible. Continue Reading

Imagination In Photography

First, let’s define imagination in order to make sure we are talking about the same thing, Imagination is according to  the dictionary: “The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.” In other words Continue Reading

What Is Your Look

What’s your look, not style but look? Your look is your own personal way of giving your photos that special signature that will identify you. Are you a generic brand? Continue Reading

Do You Want To Know If Your Photos Are Good Do This

No matter how much you have put in making your photos, maybe you have spent all the rent money or you borrowed from your wife’s savings all to buy that very expensive camera you have always dreamed off, and you take the photos and they look just like the ones you took with your phone, only a… Continue Reading

Who Do You Take Photos For

Who’s your audience? who do you take pictures for. Are your photos made to impress other photographers, are your photos so artistic only about 1% of the population will understand your photos? Do you want to target the 1% or the 99% of the population? Continue Reading

Is That All There Is?

I got frustrated with regular photography, you know the photography of just clicking away and that’s it, i did try to see if following the rules they talk so much about would do the trick and they did for a while but then i got tired of that also, and i asked myself “It’s that… Continue Reading

The Scene Is Priority

Some people think that if you apply the correct lighting and the correct photographic rules that no matter what you photograph your pictures will be good, after all, you followed all the rules in the book, right? Wrong. Continue Reading

A New Perspective On Photography

Our brain deals with concepts of things, we all translate a concept into something we understand, but we live in a world of concepts. According to the dictionary concept is “An abstract idea; a general notion“ If i say “Car” you will in your mind see a car because the concept of a car is already in… Continue Reading

If It’s Easy Anybody Can Do It

There is nothing new under the sun” so they say, the only thing new is new ways to do the same, new technology to do the same. But the unchangeable reality or law or whatever you want to call it is that “”If it’s easy anybody can do it”” and if it’s easy then it’s not… Continue Reading

What Is Right And What Is Wrong In Photography

Some people say that you should leave the photos as they come out of the camera, no post software no alterations of any kind, well maybe just a little contrast and that’s it, and why is this i ask?, well because they say so and that’s it, most of the time it’s because somebody says that that… Continue Reading

The 21st Century Photography

You can not deny reality, you can try but reality does not care who you are or care about political correctness, reality is cold hearted. The reality i am talking about is the fact that you can no longer just depend on your camera for your photos, you also have to process them thru lightroom or… Continue Reading

The Russian That Saved The World

His name was Vasili Sergeyevich Arkhipov, he was a Soviet Naval officer. On October of 1962 right in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis the Soviet Submarine Foxtrot type B-59 with nuclear torpedos was spotted near Cuba, eleven US Navy destroyers and one US aircraft carrier surrounded the Soviet submarine and despite being in international waters they… Continue Reading

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

It seems that musicians do not have the problems that photographers have, and what problem am i talking about? well, the problem that we are afraid to be different, because if you are different then you will be thrown out of the community of the well behaved and tradition keepers, and once you are thrown out… Continue Reading

Perception And Photography

Perception is ; The ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. How can you photograph something that you can not see? And i am not talking about our eyes, but about what you are aware. Example; Continue Reading

What Type Of Street Photography Are You In

The most common one is street photography aimed at art, and then there’s the not so common one aimed at the story and not at art. One is an artistic approach the other one is a Journalistic approach. Continue Reading

The Parts Off A Photograph

I decided to write about this because i see a lot of new photographers giving to much importance to secondary things and not enough importance to the main things in a photo. The parts of a photograph are prioritized according to a hierarchy of value. #1 is the most important and the rest go down… Continue Reading

Why Do People Get Discouraged About Photography

Quick and fast answer to “Why people get discouraged about photography” is “The photographer is a follower, he/she is not an independent thinker” In other words you look at others and compare yourself, you are trying to compete, or you are trying to copy what they have acomplished, there’s nothing wrong with copying but what’s… Continue Reading

Who Are You

What does your personality have to do with photography? read on. Our basic instinct when we are growing up is to hate ourselves because we have a few different personality weirdnesses or oddities and we have to hide them because we want to be accepted by the crowd , so being different is almost a… Continue Reading

Why I Gave Up On Photography

I started my photography hobby in 1965 at the tender age of 12 years old, then after 20 years i gave it up because i got tired of not being able to get the photos i wanted, plus i had more important things to think about that were taking all my attention, like making money… Continue Reading

Why I Chose Street Documentary Photography

Is it street photography or is it documentary photography? How about the new, just released type of photography called ” Street Documentary Photography” I don’t know how new types of photography starts and who gives them the name so i am starting this new type of photography, and i am doing so because somebody has… Continue Reading