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Do You Have Something To Say

We all are born with the need to express ourselves, it’s just something we humans do and it is a necessity almost like breathing or eating. We need to bring out what is inside our head, and some use different means or media to do it, some use paper and pencil to draw their thoughts, some… Continue Reading

The Two Types Of Photos

You will produce either technical photos or emotional photos. Why you ask? well great question; Because 99.9% of amateur/ enthusiastic photographers can only put their heart (Focus) in one or the other but very rarely on both. Either you are a technical photographer or an emotional photographer. Women tend to be better photographers because they… Continue Reading

Deja Vu

I was walking one beautiful day of summer on the Oceanside Pier, when my eyes caught a beautiful event, a young couple in love, oh boy was that a perfect photo. But then i realized that that same event happened to me but about 40 years ago or 45, well i was about 19 years… Continue Reading

The Domino Effect

I don’t know if this name (domino effect) can be applied to this concept but it’s when somebody believes something to be true just because they heard it from somebody else, not because they researched to see Continue Reading

What Type Of Photographer Are You

One of the toughest things you can do is try to know who you are or what you really are pursuing with your photography. It’s very easy for almost everybody to see the defects and weaknesses or strengths of everybody else except your own, some people don’t really know themselves. That is why it’s so… Continue Reading

Music Food And Photography

There are similarities between Music, Food and Photography and here they are; The similarities are between the musician, the chef, and the photographer 1.- The musician will either be a player of songs or he/she will be a creator of new music (composer) 2.-The chef will either just cook old recipes or create his/her own… Continue Reading

Photography With A Plan

The rules of photography are a tool, your camera is a tool, your computer is a tool, the software you use is a tool, but what good are all the tools if you don’t have an idea what you are going to build with them. A mechanic needs tools to fix a car, but what… Continue Reading

Humans And Photography

For some reason unknown to me we humans have the tendency to romanticize everything we do, and by this i mean to try to turn something that is very common or boring into something that is more important than it really is, for example, a plain photograph Continue Reading

Give People What They Want

Our times are very unique and special times in relation to photography and the reason for this is that we are being bombarded with enormous Continue Reading

The Nikon Z6 and Z7 why i will not buy it

The most talked about camera today are the New Nikon Z6 &Z7 cameras that just came out from Nikon. The Z6 is 24mp and $2600.00 with a lens, the Z7 is 45.7 mp and it’s $4000.00 with lens.  What i always do before i buy something that is expensive, well at least for me i… Continue Reading

Neon Art Exhibit

My other passion is Neon, i have been doing neon for close to 30 years now and that has been my main source of income, but lately, i have been interested in Neon Art, not just neon signs. This side of neon is a very interesting side of the neon world, and i have in… Continue Reading

Sex And Photography

So there i was in the middle of Revolution st. in the city of Tijuana, camera in hand looking for a good interesting photo or a good story to take a video and later put on this blog. The reason we were in TJ was because we go there for Dentists and medical appointments, the doctors are… Continue Reading

Can Everybody Do That

So one night i was sitting on my swing i have in the backyard drinking a beer, you know just relaxing after a day of hard work, and i was looking at the stars, oh boy they looked nice and beautiful, so that put me in an angelical mood so i asked God “God when… Continue Reading

The Secret Formula For Success In Photography

Ok Juan, you loud mouth, if you know the secret formula for success in photography why haven’t you applied it to your own photography? Who Says i have not used it and who says i am not successful, i am successful in my photography. Just take a look at my photos they are incredible. Continue Reading

Imagination In Photography

First, let’s define imagination in order to make sure we are talking about the same thing, Imagination is according to  the dictionary: “The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.” In other words Continue Reading

What Is Your Look

What’s your look, not style but look? Your look is your own personal way of giving your photos that special signature that will identify you. Are you a generic brand? Continue Reading

Do You Want To Know If Your Photos Are Good Do This

No matter how much you have put in making your photos, maybe you have spent all the rent money or you borrowed from your wife’s savings all to buy that very expensive camera you have always dreamed off, and you take the photos and they look just like the ones you took with your phone, only a… Continue Reading

Who Do You Take Photos For

Who’s your audience? who do you take pictures for. Are your photos made to impress other photographers, are your photos so artistic only about 1% of the population will understand your photos? Do you want to target the 1% or the 99% of the population? Continue Reading

Is That All There Is?

I got frustrated with regular photography, you know the photography of just clicking away and that’s it, i did try to see if following the rules they talk so much about would do the trick and they did for a while but then i got tired of that also, and i asked myself “It’s that… Continue Reading

The Scene Is Priority

Some people think that if you apply the correct lighting and the correct photographic rules that no matter what you photograph your pictures will be good, after all, you followed all the rules in the book, right? Wrong. Continue Reading

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