How To Become A Master Photographer

Gate To Eternity

Well, i know you’re wondering in your mind “what the hell is a master Photographer?”, and i will be very glad to enlighten your path to knowledge in this matter. I will start by enumerating what a master photographer is not.

1.- He is not chained to pre-established concepts
2.- He may not be the best photographer out there defined by traditional standards.
3.-He does not care one rats whisker what other photographers thinks of his photos-pictures
4.-His pictured photographs are only his and sometimes does not want anybody else to see them, (They’re kept under lock and key inside a metal box in a bunker underground to protect them in case of a nuclear attack)
5.- He will not be entering any photo contests in his life, maybe he will in a future life.
6.- His photos are not good nor bad they just ARE, you either like them or you don’t, please understand this concept because it’s very important. He does not make good photos or bad photos he just makes them.

Enough of the not’s
Now to the things a master photographer is;
1.- He has a better understanding of who he is
2.- He invested a lot of time and study to dig into his own mind to discover what his real talents are.
3.-Once he found out what his innate strengths and talents are, then he went into MASTERING them to be able to pick the images from the world or create a world in your studio/house/garage that would be congruent with his views.
So as you can see what i am saying is that photographs are not just random pictures taken on a saturday afternoon while you walk here or there, a master photographer will hunt for specific images that he needs to express a feeling that he needs to express. The mastering is actually the mastering of your own innate talents because there is no way you will be good but to use your own innate talent and developing it, we all are born with very unique talents and you will be a master of those talents when ;
1.- First you know what they are
2.-You develop them by perfecting them, even if they are innate in you you still have to learn to use them, then you will use the camera as an instrument or tool to do your art.
More on discovering your talents in future posts.

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