I Have Two Brains

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Well according to the scientists of our time the brain is divided into two lobes and they are sometimes referred as right brain and left brain,  for example, a person who is “left-brained” is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective.and a person that is right brained will be considered more intuitive and creative, the right side is where creativity resides.
So as a photographer which side are you on?
I would want to be on the right side. I would want to be on the right side of my brain.
I believe that people that are photographers already are right sided people, and that is because the left sided people just simply don’t like anything to do with the visual arts, that is why also creative people who have a predominant right sided life are always dreaming and can’t  tell how much money they have in the bank and are always late in bill payments, not because they don’t have the money but because they were in mars checking out the stars.
Another characteristic of left sided brain people is that ( remember left sided = analytical  right sided= creative) is that they are very organized, they have everything in their place and tagged, their room looks clean and ordered,  on the other hand, the right sided people like you and me, we are very disorganized, our rooms look like they have been hit by a tornado and we have papers all over the place, we like to dream a lot and sometimes do not know where we are, until something or somebody (like your wife or girlfriend) wakes you up suddenly and you come out of the trance you were in and they always have something in their minds that they want you to do, girlfriends and wifes are to blame for many interrupted moments of inspiration in which the artist was in a deep state of inspiration coming up with very creative new artistic ways of taking photos or whatever way you express your creativity and thanks to the wife/girlfriend everything has been lost, and it’s no use trying to explain to a left sided person like the wife/girlfreind what you were doing, so next time marry or get yourself a right sided brain wife or girlfriend.
Left-sided brain photographers only like the technical side of photography or the cameras, they are in love with cameras but they are not in love with the creative side of photography, they have a ton of equipment (very technical stuff) and they know all the rules and regulations of photography because they think that good photos come from good technic, so they often talk a lot about f stops, exposure, shutter speed and so on, a right sided photographer will never talk about that, we talk more about what we felt when taking the photo, what it smelled like, how hot or cold it was and how much we cried or not cried while in front of the scene we took the photo from, and we try to get those feelings in the photo, and if you ask a right-sided brain photographer “What F stop did you use on this photo? he/she will answer
“I don’t know” or “the one available”, or they will say ” I don’t use F stops, i stopped using them many years ago and i am very happy to have gotten rid of them they were an annoying distraction that distracted me from taking the photo.
Other characteristics of a right-sided brain photographer are;

  1. You fall in love very easily
  2. You have the tendency to marry a left-sided brain person
  3. You forget where you left your camera
  4. You always have your camera in automatic unless you want a blurry photo
  5. You always shoot in RAW because you want to change reality in Lightroom
  6. People look at you funny when you are taking your photos
  7. You wish cameras didn’t have so many buttons and were simple to use
  8. You’re ok with the kit lens and you only have another lens the 55-200 one and that’s all.
  9. Shiny things make you go into a trance of a meditative state of mind.
  10. You have the tendency to have your favorite place in the house or in the world, where you feel the vibes are at peace with the universe and you feel at peace also so you go there to find peace.
  11. When you meat a girl that is also a right-sided brain and you find yourself slipping into love you have to stop doing that because you are already married and can’t do that so you tell her “Maybe in another life, i’ll look for you in the next life” (i have a list of about 25 ladies i will look for in the next life)

There are more but i will put them in following posts
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