In The Belly Of A Russian Submarine

When i woke up on Thursday a thought entered my mind , and the thought was “I have to get myself into a Russian ( Soviet) submarine, i had this urge that for some reason came over me, why this urge? i don’t know, i stopped asking myself this questions many years ago and started to follow my intuitions and inspirations and just do them, and 9 out of ten times they have brought very interesting experiences and in some cases even money, i will write in another post all about “Following your gut feelings”.
But in this post i am going into the belly of a Russian submarine, so i did what everybody does when looking for something, you Google it , so i googled, “nearest russian submarine” and mr Google came up with the answer, San Diego Marine Museum”
It only took me one minute to find a russian submarine so i packed my photographic gear and off i went ito the highway jungles of the US to drive south on the 15 freeway and risk my life on those deadly highways, one hour and 30 minutes later i was arriving at Downtown San Diego at the harbor where they have the Submarine and it was actually a Soviet submarine from the 70s or 60s, the ticket to go inside the belly was just $18.00 dlls so it was very affordable, and with that same ticket you could also go on 5 or six other old vessels, there was one other one that caugth my atention and it was the San Salvador a galeon type of ship that was used by the spanish in the years when they invaded the americas and slaugthered the population and brought diseases that killed thousands of the local people, but that is for another post.
In this one i’ll write about Being in the belly Of The Russian Submarine.
There’s a sign at the entrance that warns you that if you are claustrophobic not to enter because the space inside is small and tight when i read that i hesitated because that is exactly what i have i am claustrophobic and can not be in tight small places because when you are claustrophobic and you are suddenly in a tight situation you go crazy and could have a panic attack and so on and so forth, so i gathered all my strength and willpower and decided to go in, and it was true, it was a small tigth space like being in a corridor no wider than 3  feet and in some places it opened up to about 5 feet, the people that were picked for this job had to be very stable mentally because it’s just crazy being in that such a small space and under water and at war, it’s just crazy, but i was there feeling the tigthness and wondering why the urge to be there, like i said i do not question my urges or intuitions i just follow them, in thie case i am still searching for the reason and i will find it eventually.
The submarine is full of knobs and machinery that you only can wonder what they are for, i only know that the sonnar is the only way they could see what was in front of them, by interpreting the bounce of the sound of the sonar the sonar expert could tell what it was and how big, and that was the only way to see by hearing the pings, because there were no windows to the outside and probably because it was not practical because after submerging a few feet it’s completelly dark, so no need for windows.
I did find a very interesting story of a Russian Submarine commander that saved the world from a nuclear war. I will put that story in another post because it’s long.


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