Invisibility #3

Size does matter don’t let anybody fool you into believing it does not

I used to use a nikon D5300 for my street photography but found out that every time i put my camera to my eye, everybody in sight would notice what i was doing, and they would give me the weird eye, i call it the weird eye but it really is more like the weird look, like saying what is this weirdo doing taking pictures of us he doesn’t even know us why would he do that, and i would end up pretending i was aiming the camera at something behind them, sometimes i would say ” Sorry i am trying to photograph that building behind you” and they would immidiatly change their look to a very understanding look, so that was the moment i said to myself “You have to get yourself a smaller camera, one that will not scare the natives, so after many days of searching i finally bought myself the Sony A6000, then when the A6500 came out i also bought that one, so now i have two sonys.
They are the perfect camera for taking street photography in a stealth mode, i mean invisible mode, they have 24mp sensor they can take bursts of 11 photos a second and the small kit lens 18-50mm is perfect also, i am very satisfied with this little camera and most important i can hide it till the last moment when i spring into action and take a string of photos without being detected. And did i mention it has a silent mode, but the silent mode limits the number of photos it can take in burst mode, so i just leave it without the silent mode, by the time the 11 or 22 photos have been taken it’s to late for the subject even if they hear the camera clicking away.
So in this third experiment, i managed to be even more invisible by having a small camera and applying all the discoveries already detailed in the previous posts.
The invisibility experiments will continue so stay tuned.