Las Vegas Nevada USA

They call it sin city, i don’t know why i have never sinned there, i don’t usually go sinning every where i keep my sinning at a minimum.
I have seen other people in very sinful circumstances though, but that’s not of my concern.
las vegas is right in the middle of the mojave dessert, the hottest place in the middle of nowhere, it’s very close to area 51 where they keep some aliens from other planets frozen for later study, poor guys they few millions of miles to end up in a freezer in the middle of the desert, but well that’s life for you.
Only a 4 hour drive from my house so it’s very close and i’ve been there several times and you can’t get tired of what you see there but most people think that if you go to Vegas it’s because you like to gamble and it’s not true, i don’t gamble at all not even a penny and the reason is because you always lose, the casino wins 99% of the time, how about that, what a business, they win every time you give them money so that is why i don’t gamble.
So what i do, i like to go to the shows and events and take photos, if you are a street photographer you will go crazy in Vegas, the streets are full of crazy people, so that’s what i do. Here are some of the photos.