Perception And Photography

Oceanside Surfer
Oceanside Surfer

Perception is ;
The ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.
How can you photograph something that you can not see?
And i am not talking about our eyes, but about what you are aware.

I thnk this has happened to all of us, remember when you bought your first car, for me it was a ford maverick i think it was a 1970, i started to see ford mavericks everywhere, i was able to spot them no matter how far away they were, and when my wife got pregnant for the first time she told me she was seeing pregnant women everywhere she went, she told me that she was never aware of so many pregnant women before, but what was happening is that our interest had made us aware of that, in my case the car and in the case of my wife, pregnant women.
So our mind has the ability to filter out some parts of our reality, that is why it’s so important that we as photographers dig into not just photographs but also in all types of the human journey, if you do not expose your mind to other things than what you always do, you will not be made aware of the other worlds that surround you.
Not literally of course but other things that happen away from your regular territory you always are in.
If you only talk to the same people all the time you will also find yourself being deprived of a wealth of experiences and knowledge that is necessary for your photography.



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