Steps To Be Creative

We all are born with the need to be part of a group, to be like them, that is why when we are young especially in our teen years peer pressure is very strong and sometimes we do things that we don’t want to do but we do them because we want to belong to that certain group, well guess what,
Step #1
Do not follow any group or person in your photography journey”

We all have different ways to see or view the world, even if we don’t notice it and think that everybody sees the same as you, it’s not so, it’s like thinking that if you like olives everybody does, so to be creative in photography we have to first re-educate ourselves into rejecting the almost automatic bad habit of imitating others.

Step # 2
Learn to trust yourself
What you are looking for is uniqueness by utilizing your own way of seeing the world, it’s the search of your way of perceiving your world, that’s where you want to go. Most of us think that our way of seeing the world is not important or relevant, we tend to minimize the importance of our very personal way of looking at the world because we have been doing it since we were born, but when you decide that that is the way to go and start to do it you will be on your way in to develop your own photographic style.

Step # 3
Dig Deeper
It’s not going to be easy, for some it’s going to be harder than for others, it all depends on how well you know yourself, but it’s only a matter of practicing and discovering who you really are, but the deeper you dig into your likes and dislikes the better your creative photos will be.
Some people think that creativity is something that comes from the universe or somewhere, but that is not true, it comes from your brain, from the very deep parts of your brain.
Once you are convinced that the secret ingredient in creativity is you and your unique way of looking at the world you will start in your path to produce your photography and i emphasis the word “YOUR”
To be Continued
More steps to come in future Posts

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