Street/ people Photography

I’ve been attracted  lately more to street photography than any other type of photography, well also documentary photography, those two are the preferred ones, and the reason i think it’s because i like to take pictures of people more than inanimate objects, i took photos of landscapes and seascapes until i got fed up with them that’s when i saw that taking pictures of people is more interesting and every picture is different, i don’t know why i didn’t see this before.

So what’s the difference between real street photography and just taking pictures of people in the streets?


The difference is the street photography has a goal and just taking pictures of people in the streets does not.
So what is the goal?
To take interesting pictures, to take photos of people in situations that are peculiar or take pictures of people that are peculiar and interesting, in a few words to take interesting photos.
What’s the difference between a photo and a picture?
I don’t know

Now in todays pandemic situation how are you going to go about taking pictures/photos of people that are not there because they are in a stay at home situation, well you go to the few places where there still gather and shoot the hell out of them, the less people the harder it gets, so maybe we will have to wait till the pandemic is over and see if we survive or there’s any people left to photograph.

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