Sunset At The Pier

Photo taken at the Oceanside Ca. Pier.

It is obvious that the pier is a place i like very much, and it’s one of those things that you don’t know why, it’s just an attraction,

i also like the ocean, to me it represents a feeling of freedom, so that is why i come to the pier so often and take these beautiful photos.
So the reason i chose to take the photo of the sunset at the pier, even though i had already made the decision not to take anymore photos of sunsets because i have already taken to many, is that it just was very attractive, i had to take it, i felt a joy to take the photo.
This photo was planed about an hour earlier, when i saw the clouds and the sun going down , i saw the potential for a good photo, at the time i was on the pier, so i went down and started scouting for a good angle, i wanted to include the pier in the photo to give the photo a perspective, and i went back to the same place i have taken photos before, and then i lowered the camera all the way to the sand, without getting the camera wet, i have found out that that perspective is more impressive than just an eye level photo. In conclusion i believe the photos is perfect, i like it.