Sweet Lorraine

In photography like in life you have to learn to do the unexpected, to not follow the rules, to be daring and even if the rules say you have to do this or that you still do it your way, don’t get me wrong in some cases the rules are to be followed, but in other cases like in photography you can bend the rules, you can twist them or even eliminate them, and you’ll be immersing yourself in a world of endless possibilities.

This video is a perfect example of this, the story is that a radio station put an ad in the local paper for a songwriters contest, the rules were very clear, the contestants were to send videos of their song to be evaluated by the radio station, but one day they got a large manila envelope with a letter from Fred, a 96 year old man that had written a song for his wife Lorraine that had passed just 3 months before, he told the radio station that he did not play a musical instrument nor that he sang and that he was not a songwriter but he had written a song for his wife and wanted to participate in the contest.

here’s the video and the song, watch till the end for the song.

A Letter From Fred from Green Shoe Creative on Vimeo.