The Devils

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I heard some music coming from outside so I looked out the window, I could not believe what i was seeing, there was a bunch of devils dancing it was like a party, they looked like they were having a great time, so I call my wife i yelled “Wife…Wife… come see this quick, two seconds later there she was “what, what” she said in excitement, just look outside I said, her jaw almost hit the floor, she said ” What the hell! where did they come from?”  from Hell where else, i answered.
Wait I said, where’s my camera? I have to take some photos, after all, I am a street photographer, you are? she asked, yes I said, no time for explanations, I will go out there and document these events with my camera, No! she said they could be dangerous, I am not afraid women I said, the world has to see what I am seeing and I will do that with my street photographers abilities, then I told her, if I’m not back in 10 minutes call 911, so off i went to document the events that were transpiring and as soon as I opened the door the loud music hit me light a ton of bricks, i immediately recognized the song it was “Despacito” sung by somebody unknown, can’t say I didn’t want to start dancing and just forget about my duties as a street photographer but I overcame the urge to dance and started documenting this strange event, they were devils with big curly horns and long tongues sticking out of their mouths,I controlled my fear and started doing my duties, i pointed my camera to the right to the left up and down until i felt i had enough witness testimony, they were about 30 photos from different angles then I noticed that there was an audience and that this was some kind of event, that’s when it finally hit me, this was a dance that was part of the festivities of “The Day Of The Dead” So I went in and I said to my wife it’s ok they are dancers in devil costumes dancing for the festivities. The world could rest in peace there’s no danger, but I did do my duties as a street photographer, that’s when my wife asked again, so what is a street photographer she asked, well i said there’s this very famous street photographer named Erik Bresson no i said i believe it’s Henry Cartier Kim.

The End

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