The Problem With Beautiful Photos

Photography has evolved in Gigante leaps, and i am not talking about cameras, i am talking about the photos, the photos taken in the 40s 70s and even 90s cannot be compared to the photos of today, what is the difference you ask? The difference is that today you can take very beautiful photos with a phone. So the result is tons of beautiful photos, millions of them, so much that they are no longer extraordinary, beautiful photos are a dime a dozen, their importance has been diluted by just simply the amount of them. So you can not make beauty the main attraction in your photo anymore, they have to have something else that would make them interesting.
Interesting is much more than perfection or beauty.
Even if you don’t intend to or want to, but your photos are competing with the rest of the photos out there, and i can tell you without a mistake that A Sunset is probably one of the photos that have been photographed the most, everybody and their family have taken photos of a res or orange sunset, so i think the world does not need more of them.

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