The Rules Of Creativity

There’s only one rule in creativity:
Rule #1 Do not follow any rules

Rules are like walls or roads that will take you to a certain place, and it’s probably populated by millions of photographers.
Creativity to flourish needs freedom of not having anything in front, it needs  clear runway in order to take off and fly, it needs  a clean canvas with nothing in it to start painting your world, it needs a clean piece of paper with nothing written on it so you can write your destiny in it without any interference. And once you have created your work then you expose it to the public and see if it’s liked, that’s the test, but in photography, the worst judges are other photographers, don’t use photographers as your judges, use people that do not know anything about photography, they are the best judges.
To be able to see clearly you have to take the preconceived ideas that you have and erase them, they are like dirty glasses over your eyes that will obstruct your vision.
Analyze yourself and ask yourself how important is the opinion of other photographers of you and your photos, do you feel pressed to obey the group of photography? are you afraid to go against your photographic peers, or do you just give a damn?

Most creative people are loners that do not need the approval of the photographic community to do or not do whatever they feel like doing, actually, they feel good on doing what is not permitted and venturing into unknown territory and they will find that some of their fellow photographers will even get angry because you are not adhering to the traditions of the group.
Be Free like a bird and fly to unknown places and take photos on the way there.


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