The Secret Formula For Success In Photography

Ok Juan, you loud mouth, if you know the secret formula for success in photography why haven’t you applied it to your own photography?

Who Says i have not used it and who says i am not successful, i am successful in my photography.
Just take a look at my photos they are incredible.

The secret does not have anything to do with cameras or lenses or the rules of thirds and all the rest of the rules, who would of thought that what is most talked or written about on the internet is not what makes you successful as a photographer, and i am not talking of a pro photographer because that is a very different situation, for pro photographers to be successful they not only have to be good at photography but also at administrating their money and know about marketing and be very social etc etc, that’s a different set of talents that you need, i am just talking about the very enthusiastically inclined photographer that is just into photography because he has not found his meaning in life and he thinks it could be taking pictures of ducks in a pond, or of birds in a tree etc etc.
So here’s the formula;
If somebody says no you say yes, if somebody wants to go right you go left, if they want to go up you go down, if everybody is doing HDR you do RDH and if everybody is going crazy because they want a better camera or the latest one that just came out you go and use the same one you have been using for the past 10 years, in other words success will be by you being very different than the rest of the crowd, like a very famous philosopher said once ” Don’t try to stand out from the crowd, avoid them completely”
There it is, the secret is out for anybody reading this to take it and run as fast as you can with it before the crowd follows you and starts to copy you.
Thank You Kindly for your attention.

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