What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up

When i was a kid in elementary school i liked electronics and later in high school i started to like photography so when asked What do you want to be when you grow up i would answer electronics engineer or photographer, then i would get a bunch of opinions, and most of the time i was told that to be an engineer you have to like math which i hated and to be a photographer was no good because you will not make enough money to live out of photography so when i got out of high school i gave up on engineering because it was true it’s a lot of math and very boring and i found out the most phtographers had two jobs so i didn’t know what to do so i ended up studying Business administration which i hated, the only thing i liked was photography but never pursued it because you die of starvation.
So life took me here and there and everywhere doing jobs that i had to do to survive, i ended up making neon signs by accident but at least it was not boring, should i have gone the photography way, i don’t know, it’s a bit to late now i am 64 and getting old very fast.
What i found out is that most people do not study what they want but what they have to, and then end up doing something completely different. There¬†should be a class in school that would guide you to what you are good at so you don’t end up wasting time and money studying something you are never going to use.
They say you should follow your passion and i believe it to be true but i would add,”Follow your passion and then find out how to make money with it, because we all need to make money to survive, your passion alone will not bring in the money so you have to learn how to capitalize on your passion and sometimes the passion by itself does not bring in the money so you have to be creative to stay within your passion.

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