What Does Hollywood Have To Do With Me

I have not written anything in this blog for a while now and for the 2 people that read my blog i apologize, i just wasn’t inspired to write, this coronavirus thing plus the wacky things said by the commander in chief got to me in a way that i did not anticipate, it created stress that froze all my creative juices, not only for writing but in other parts of my endeavors, but for some unknown reason today the juices have awakened and i am writing this lines.



The main topic of todays writing is to try to dissipate (Again) the misconceptions of what photography is, in order to help the younger new photographers to get where they should go in a faster manner and not waste time in things that are wasteful.
So the title is “What Does Hollywood Have To Do With Me” well let me explain if we analyze what or how filmmaking in Hollywood is done we can learn a bit of how we should be approaching our photography hobby.
First, to make a Hollywood movie you need a ton of people, people that are specialist in their field, you need a lighting expert, you need a camera expert, you need a scene expert, you need a sound expert and a ton of other people, and then you need a director, you could say that the director is who really makes the movie everyone else obeys his commands, he is the director of this orchestra of visual arts, he should be called the director of feelings, Ah because what the director is after is your feelings, if he does not get to your feelings then he did not do his job, so first lesson from Hollywood “Feelings” we as lovers of movies will say if the director failed to move us in his film we will just say “Boring movie”.
Second lesson the director is not a sound specialist nor is he a light specialist nor is he a camera specialist even though he does know a bit of everything the specialists in these fields are much better than him, so he tells the sound specialist “I need this to sound menacing or scary etc. and the sound specialist will do that, he also tells the light director “I need this scene to be sad” so the light director lights up the scene as ordered, so what is the directors talent? his talent is with creating moods, environments, feelings, etc. that will make the movie exciting, but he leaves the technical stuff to the technicians, he has to master the feeling of the movie.
Ok enough of the example the point i am trying to get across is that a photographer is mainly a director, he should be an expert in feelings, he should be a searcher of strong emotive scenes, he should not be a technician with a camera, he should be a feelings specialist with a camera.
Enough said about this, until next time, Cheers and stay safe.

An explanation of the photo above;
It means life, we travel like in a train trough life and through time, and then time ends for a few when they have to get off the train and go somewhere else. 

That’s what the photo means