What Is Creativity

Creativity is the most important ingredient or activity in humans, it’s what made us as humans survive all these thousands of years or millions, without the capacity of creativity we would have been extinguished many years ago.
Everybody uses creativity for whatever purpose they need, some use it to solve engineering problems others to get to the moon, musicians use it to compose new melodies, and inventors to create new things, and photographers to create new photography styles never before seen by humans.

What is creativity made of, what are it’s ingredients?

Mainly it’s made of all the experiences you’ve had all the books you’ve read, all the hate you’ve hated and all the love you’ve loved, it’s made of all the life you’ve lived.

Where does creativity reside?

In your subconscious mind, sometimes deep inside your mind and it can not be accessed on will, it’s locked and it has it’s own language and it’s own will. It has a lot to do with feelings and moods.

How do i access my creativity to use it on my photography?

By practice.
You will have to learn to communicate with your subconscious mind thru feelings and mood and sometimes some tricks you acquire with experience, in my personal experience i find that i start to tap into my creativity by taking long walks alone listening to music, or creativity will jump out while taking a shower.
And i have to be ready to record or write down my inspired moment because if i don’t it will be lost in the darkness of time.
This is not a rule for everybody it’s a personal thing that you have to discover because we all are different and we all react to different stimuli.