What Is Street Photography

Putting the name “Street Photography” on a photo does not make it a street photography.
What makes a photograph a street photograph is when the person in the photo is an unusual character or interesting and preferably doing something interesting, taking a photo of just any person in the street walking is not street photography, but somebody that is unique or interesting will be a good subject for street photography.
A picture of any person walking in the street with no special characteristic is not a street¬†photograph it’s just a snapshot, in that case, anybody with a phone can take street photographs.
The first characteristic that a good street photograph has to have is the subject or subjects, very well defined subjects, it’s not the composition or the light or anything else, if the actors of your photo are not interesting then everything else is not important, but if you have very interesting subjects and you happen to have enough time to position yourself to get the best composition and also the gods have chosen you to give you a good light, then you are truly lucky and you will have a good street photo.
Some street photographers are focusing their search based on the secondary things like light, geometric shapes, or texture, and think they have a great photo because they have a taken a photo of the shapes on a building, it may be interesting to an architect but not to the rest of humanity.

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