What Is Your Favorite Color

What is your favorite color?
Mine is yellow or orange,
why do i like those colors
Answer “I don’t know”


Some people like seafood while others don’t, some people like sushi others don’t. Now imagine you had to go to a school where they taught you to like what is supposed to be the correct like. Imagine they tell you that you are supposed to like only the color red, it would be impossible, you like what you like and that’s it.
In photography you have to focus in your likes, in what you like, and then increase that like until you find your very personal style.
In our world, you are taught to conform to the standard, to what is written in the books and you are discouraged to think by yourself, you are supposed to accept what you are taught and not come up with new ways. To be an innovator by yourself is like being an outlaw, and some people will even get angry at you and hate you for thinking outside the box, for not being an obedient sheep. But true creativity is the opposite of conforming to the established rules, creativity is a synonym of rebellious, well at least at first because if for some reason the new findings of the rebel start to be liked by the crowd, then the naysayers start to change their minds and start to congratulate you for your new findings or for your new style in photography.
Are you a sheep or are you a rebel?

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