What Is Your Look

What’s your look, not style but look?
Your look is your own personal way of giving your photos that special signature that will identify you.
Are you a generic brand?

That’s the difference, either you have your own look or you are generic, if you are generic then you are indistinguishable, or invisible, just another brick on the wall, another drop of water in the ocean etc.
Indistinguishable, almost a nasty word, especially in our times when we all struggle to stand out and say “I am here” “Look i exist” and then people will tell you “No you are nobody” and then you ask them “Why do you say that” and they answer “Because you are not rich, you don’t have tons of money and a boat, or you don’t have a Nikon D850” and then you have to choices either 1.- believe them 2.- send them and their opinions to hell and beyond, I prefer # 2 choice.
Ok, i sometimes get carried away by my imagination and can’t avoid it, please bear with me but that’s my style and look on writing, i am still evolving in writing and have not released the full persona of me, and that is because of fear.
Back to the topic at hand, “The Look”
It is very important to establish a look in photography to be able to distinguish yourself from all the rest of the photographers that populate the earth.
So how in the hell do you acquire a look?
you have to look within your likes, and then give them a push upwards in your photos, personally, i like for example the colors yellow and orange so i have the tendency to photograph those colors more and then i kick their butts in Lightroom, sometimes to indescribable heights. I also like to take open photos in which i photograph more than i need and then in Lightroom i crop the parts that i like, and then i kick the crap out of them a bit more by increasing or decreasing the intensity and the gaze and the contrast and so on and so forth.
I will soon make a video on what i do if it’s interesting to you.
But going back to “The Look” it is imperative and highly recommended that you start increasing what you like in photos in order to make them your look.
“Thank You    

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