What Type Of Street Photography Are You In

The most common one is street photography aimed at art, and then there’s the not so common one aimed at the story and not at art.
One is an artistic approach the other one is a Journalistic approach.

An example of artistic approach is Henry Cartier Bresson,

The other example of a journalistic approach is Brandon Staton of “Humans Of New York”

So you see there are different styles of Street Photography, i find the Art style to be more difficult to do than the journalistic type and that is because ART is a very blurry concept, you can not really define what art is so your interpretation of art will be very different of what other people perceive as art so that’s why i find it very difficult to do.
On the other hand the Journalistic street photography is more tangible because it relies on the story of the photo, and could be more of an impact if the story is interesting or moving.
Mr Stanton of Humans Of New York came up with this new type of street photography in 2010 and he was a hit, i find it more interesting than the art type, and the proof that there is still new ways of doing things is  mr Brandon Staton, you only have to do what you would like to see be done, in other words, what would you like to see done that is not being done by photographers, in this case street photographers, and then go out and instead of waiting for someone to do it just go out and do it.
Many writers have written novels based on their wishes of what they would like to be, so they write fiction stories of a character that is actually them and what they would like their lives to be, they create a fiction world in which they are the main character and fulfill their fantasies and be whoever they want to be.
That is the way new things are created, by the wishes of it’s creators fulfilling a need that they have and bringing it to life.

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