Who Do You Take Photos For

Who’s your audience? who do you take pictures for.
Are your photos made to impress other photographers, are your photos so artistic only about 1% of the population will understand your photos?
Do you want to target the 1% or the 99% of the population?

I would say that it’s better to impress the 99% than a bunch of stinky photographers that will always find something bad to say about your photos and make you feel like you have to spend 30 more years practicing what they tell you to practice.
Much better experience when you show your photos to somebody that does not have anything to do with photography and that when they say your photo stinks it’s because your photo really stinks, or they can say, your photo is really beautiful, then you know you got a hit.
I once showed a black and white street photo to a relative and asked her to tell me if she liked the photo, first thing she said “why black and white” “I don’t like black and white photos” then i kept on asking more people and they all said that black and white photos where a thing of the past, no longer used, most people did not like the black and white photos.
Then i found out that just a very small part of the population liked black and white, and that is a very very small part, so why was i taking photos in black n white, because that is what most street photographers do, because i wanted to be like them, isn’t that a crazy way of thinking?
If you are a very artistic person then you have to find a halfway point between what you want as an artist and what people like, because if you go all the way artistic then you will only be liked by maybe 3 or 4 people, the rest will not like your artistic photos.
So what do people like, they like color, intense colors, exotic colors, they like beauty, they like emotional photos, women like flowers and beautiful sunsets, they like to see people in love and people expressing love, they also like children and cats.
SO why not give the population what they like.
Now the next step is to choose a sector or segment of the population that likes certain things and then photograph those things and give them to them. The reason for this is because it’s impossible and not practical to target everybody, it’s better to target a very well defined group.
To Be Continued;

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