Why Do People Get Discouraged About Photography

Quick and fast answer to “Why people get discouraged about photography” is “The photographer is a follower, he/she is not an independent thinker” In other words you look at others and compare yourself, you are trying to compete, or you are trying to copy what they have acomplished, there’s nothing wrong with copying but what’s wrong is trying to do it exactly as them without adding something of your own, how about if you were in your own competition, instead of being in competition with the world you just focus on your photos and reject what you don’t like and increase on what you like.

Instead of comparing yourself with others search for your own photography, as long as your mind is focusing on others you will not progress, just focus on your photography. Great photography is not made only by beauty, it’s also made by what’s happening in the photo.
Interesting photos sometimes are not based on beauty, we all think that beauty is the only characteristic of a photo but it’s not .
Don’t let others tell you what should be doing with your photography, invent your own rules and invent your own style and tell others to go fly a kite.
Spend all your energy in finding your own photography and then when you find it give it your personal touch and then double it.
Examples of what i mean;

I gave it my touch until i was satisfied with the results,
i use Lightroom and Topaz filters.

On this one i just turned it into black n white and gave it a little of contrast.
The solution to ending the discouragement is;

1.- find your real type of photography, if the one you are in right now is not feeling good then try another.
2.- Be the one to lead don’t be a follower, create your own style or type or look in your photography, if you like strong colors then put strong colors in your photos thru lightroom, if you like strong shadows then increase them in Lightroom, maybe you like faded colors, then do the same in Lightroom.
There’s a lot of tools to transform and make extraordinary photos but you have to learn to use them, the main tools i use are Lightroom Topaz and photoshop.
So first step is finding out if you are in the right place if you are in the right type of photography for you.
And you will not find out until you tried several types.
Second step, once you find what type you like stick to that type of photography and then go altering your photos in Lightroom Topaz or Photoshop until you get the look you like and then you will be very happy.
Some photographers do not agree with using software to alter your photos, but most of the time it’s because they are people that do not know how to turn on a computer or just have a mental block towards technology. I believe in the freedom of thought, i believe in not having any obstacles in front of me that would hinder my creativity, i believe in freedom of expression, (Artistic expression) i believe in being a free thinker and not having any commitment to any group or tradition that would block my creativity.
Maybe in a group of 100 photos, i will pick 10 that i consider being good, and then i take them thru the software to give them my personal touch.
I never ask anybody if my photos are good or bad, and that is because they would not know because they don’t know me. My photos are not universal, they are good to me and that is all i want, i am not trying to please anybody else so that’s why i don’t ask anybody if my photos are good, if i would ask 20 people if they like my photo i would probably get 20 different answers.
I take photos for me, once i am satisfied with the results then that’s all , if i put them on the internet it’s not to have them judged but to have people see my work. If they like them that’s ok if they don’t that’s ok to.

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