How Do You Become A Better Photographer

Under The Pier. Oceanside Ca.

By reading about history, by reading about the great painters of the past, the great artists of the past or the present, by reading books like “Steal Like An artist” by Hugh Kleon, or “The Freak Factor” By David J Rendall” .

But never read about how some famous photographer took his famous picture, better find out what motivated him to take the picture.
Read everything you can get your hands on, but try to focus on writers that will make your imagination and intellect come alive, because it’s the only way to exercise your imagination and intellect but mainly your imagination and that is where all photos come from. If you think photos come from the places or people you visit, then you are only taking snapshots, but if you are using your imagination and her partner creativity then you are taking good photos.
Don’t make the mistake in believing that good photos come from applying the technics of photography to your photos, they help but only if you have already used your imagination and creativity in taking the photo.
The difference between a good photo and a snapshot it that the photo has a soul it has a personality, a snapshot is only a picture of a place or person.
Other books to read are; “It’s not about the Fstop” by Jay Maisel”
There is no easy way to get to the point where you make great photos because if it were easy everybody would make great photos.
The world of photography is kinda weird, it’s a lot like the world of art in which the art of the best artist is rejected and the art of the bad ones are accepted into galleries, and that is because it’s not really about how good or bad the art is, it’s about how famous the artist is, and an artist gets famous by being very good at networking and knowing people that are famous and start saying that their art is great art, then everybody will say its great art even if the art is crap. So if you get enough people to accept your crap then you will be considered a good artist (Photographer). So stay away from the wacky world of photography, not worth it anyway.
I have found the way to get there, this does not mean i am there already, i am still learning how to be a better photographer, maybe i’ll get there just a few days before i die, but thought in putting what i have learned about how to get there in this post, why not.
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