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Invisibility #1

Juan Ortega Photography

I have been interested in street photography ever since i got tired of taking so many sunsets and panoramas that were not very satisfying so some years ago i decided to try street photography, but i ran into a problem, how am i going to photograph strangers in the street without them getting angry or far worse maybe calling the police on me for being a weirdo. I had a problem and i could not get rid of the problem, then one day while on a street i noticed a group of young people that were very excited for some reason and i thought of taking a photo of them but then it hit me again, that feeling of shame, i got angry because i had given up to many photos already because of that feeling but this time i gathered enough anger that i did not give a rats ass if they knew i was taking photos of them so i went ahead and took the photos and to my surprise they didn’t even blink or noticed i had taken the photos, i remember thinking i must be invisible, so i kept taking photos and they didn’t notice me, so much that one of the guys almost bumped into me and said “Sorry sir i didn’t see you” to which i answered ” Everything is fine young man, no harm done” that’s when i confirmed that i was invisible and only when they bump into you do you become visible.
So i decided to test my invisibility again with another group of people, this time they were older almost of my age (64) and i aimed the camera at them and they immediately noticed i was going to take the photo so they smiled, and i took the photo, so that’s when i realized the invisibility cloak only works with young people not with old ones. I was excited with my new findings and i intended to keep on with my research in invisibilty.
To be continued.