Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson

I like to search the internet and look for interviews with professional Photographers because you can learn a lot from their tips, and I am not talking about the technical aspect but the creative aspect of photography.
I found this little interview that looks like it’s being done by a child and the photographer is Mr. Jim Richardson from National Geographic, I found this interview to be one of the best on the internet, here is an excerpt ;

Excerpt from interview of Jim Richardson, National Geographic Photographer


Q.-What advice would you give to new Photographers

JR.- Think about taking useful pictures instead of good pictures.
Good pictures always tend to be defined by arbitrary rules of composition, of subject matter, of placement of things within the pictures that sometimes make an interesting picture and sometimes don’t.
Useful pictures are pictures that we can somehow find use in our lives, that convey things that tell how excited we were to see something. Those pictures don’t necessarily have to follow all those rules.

The main rule that useful pictures have to follow is “Don’t Be Boring”
don’t ever be boring, be interesting, and if a picture is interesting, then it can break all sorts of rules, except that cardinal rule “DON’T BE BORING”

Pictures are supposed to connect, to excite us and if a picture does that, then i can forgive all sorts of flaws and errors.

Here’s the interview