Invisibility #2

Juan Ortega Photography

So first discovery is;

1.- You can take photos of people in groups easier than when somebody is alone , and for some reason young people (18 to 45) are so involved in what they are doing that they don’t notice anything else, and if the young people are a couple in love then they are blind to anything else but their sweetheart and the world could be going down in flames and they will not notice a thing, so somebody taking photos will be as important as a fly in the sky.


My second experiment was taking photos from the waist or hip but with the difference that they were not blind photos, my camera has a tilting screen so i could easily see what i was taking a photo off and i could compose it very well, i got that idea from a documentary i saw of Vivian Maier who took photos with a Rolleiflex and those cameras had the viewfinder in the top so she had to take theĀ  photo with the camera at waist level and that made her kind of invisible or unnoticeable to the subject being photograph, so i started to experiment with the tilting screen and found out that people did not know i was photographing them and that was the way i liked it because i could get them in their natural behaviour which is completely diferent than when they see somebody taking a picture of them.
The photos i took that way started to come out very good, i was satisfied with my second discovery in invisibility for street photography, what better way to take street photos than being unnoticeable or like i like to say invisible.
The experimenting will continue so stay tuned.