Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has a population of 10 million of which;
52% is White
47% Is Latino
8% Black
.5 %Native Americans
13% Asian
This percentages are according to wikipedia and if you add the percentages they come up to a total of 120.5% which means that Wikipedia is not very good at math.
The name came from the Spanish invaders that murdered most of the people that lived in these lands once they slaughtered the weak ones and turned into slaves the strong ones they named the city “Los Angeles” which means “The Angels” you see they were very Christian so they gave Christian names to the cities they founded, that is after they killed the people that lived there. All in the name of  God.
Then the Spanish started to have sexual relations with the indian women and the offspring of this relationship was the start of the mexican population that given a few hundred years finally decided to break free of the spanish in the war of independence of 1810 of which Mexico was formed, but then the United States decided they wanted part of the country of Mexico and made war with Mexico of which Mexico lost and they had to sell half the country to the English descendants called United Statiadns so The city of Los Angeles was first a Spanish City, then it was a Mexican City and finally it became a United States city, and thanks to that we have Movies, if the Spanish had never invaded this continent we never would have had movies.
So what happened to the Indian Population or what happened to the mexican population living in Los Angeles when the land was no longer part of Mexico, well they are still there living the American Dream and the indians are owners of Casinos.
So Los Angeles is where Spanish descendants and English descendants and African Descendents live and now Asian descendants have joined the Big Club called The United States Of America.
So how are we getting along, i would say very well, we are all used to the diversity of people and we like it, i would say the 99% of the population just want to live a peaceful life, you know we just want to have a job and work hard have a family and see our kids grow up and become good citizens of the community, of course, that there’s a 1 or 2% of the population that wants to create problems but the rest of us just want to live in peace.
I sent my saliva to be tested to see what was my DNA, and it came out 58% Spanish, and 31% American Indian, and the rest a combination of other places. So as you can see i am the result of the clash of two civilizations and now i am living in the clash of a third civilization.