The Main Ingredients

Or the right ingredients, i see photography the same way a cook sees food, if you put in the right ingredients no more no less in whatever you are cooking the food will taste delicious, same goes for photography if you put in the right ingredients your photo will be very delicious.
And the ingredients are;
Well defined subject
If you include all these ingredients you have a winner, but i know sometimes it’s very difficult to have all of them in one photo but you have to aim at that.

The more emotion your subject is experiencing the better, emotions like sadness,crying, happines etc those are the emotions that will make a photo a winner.

, this one is the most difficult to achieve but you have to find a way to make your photo a one of a kind photo.

This is also something that many photographers forget, without a well-defined subject your photo is not saying anything, it’s a neutral photo, i call neutral photos the ones that don’t convey anything, no emotion or anything, without the main actor you don’t have a movie, in this case, a photo.

This one is also a difficult one but one that you have to try to include in your photos, impact is an ingredient that will make the viewer say wow, we’ve all seen photos like that, sometimes the impact is in the emotion that the photo caries, for example, the face of the sports runner that lost or the runner that won, most recently the photo that made a president change his approach on separating children from their mothers at the border. I did not take this photo but you can see how much impact a small child crying had.