Tijuana BC Mexico

Tijuana Baja California Mexico;
Border city with San Diego Ca. Probably the most important border city in Mexico where close to 90,000 people cross the border into the US daily, if you are crossing by car into the United States sometimes the wait to get across will be as much as 3 hours, three hours in which you will be sitting in your car feeling like the line of cars do not move, and in some other days it could be up to 4 hours.
A lot of people live in Tijuana but work in San Diego legally, most of them are of Mexican descent but were born in the United States, so they are able to work in the USA legally, and they take advantage of the cheap cost of living in Mexico. But they have to pay a price by having to wait for hours in line just to cross the USA to go to work and then at the end of the day again an hour or two in line to get back to Mexico.There’s a lot of talk lately about a wall that the new president wants to build between Mexico and the USA, a wall that will make somebody more money but will not stop anybody from crossing over, and that is because when somebody is determined to cross they will find a way.But there has been another type of wall between the USA and any country south of the Border and that is the wall of indifference, there is so little importance given to whatever happens south of the border that no news is ever shown of what is happening in Mexico or any other country south of the border unless it’s an earthquake or a cyclone, there is more interest in what is happening in Irak or  Siria than just a few miles south.
There is a deliberate flow of information coming from countries at war than what is happening in Latin America, and the reality is that Mexico is sinking slowly but surely into a chaos state, it’s not there yet but could be in a few years.

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