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Tijuana BC Mexico

Tijuana Baja California Mexico;
Border city with San Diego Ca. Probably the most important border city in Mexico where close to 90,000 people cross the border into the US daily, if you are crossing by car into the United States sometimes the wait to get across will be as much as 3 hours, three hours in which you will be sitting in your car feeling like the line of cars do not move, and in some other days it could be up to 4 hours.
As i walked on Revolucion ave. i noticed a zebra on the street and i went there to take a photo, as i was taking the photo a man behind me yelled “Hey,hey,hey you can not take pictures of the animal unless you have paid, do you think this is free? the animal is working , so i told the seƱor, “I am sorry i didn’t know, well he said “That’s ok, you owe me 10.00 dlls, what i said, 10 dlls for a photo, yes he said and if you want us to take the photo it’s 25.00 dlls, i said “That is to much money” and he said well either you pay or i’ll call the police, look he is over there, and he was correct just across the street was a police man, so i told the guy, i only have 5 dlls can you accept 5 dlls, he said OK.