Venice Beach California

The main attraction of the city of Venice is Venice Beach and to be exact the Boardwalk at Venice Beach, it’s a beachfront that extends for two and a half miles of restaurants, shops, street vendors and street performers, just east of the boardwalk you will find the famous Muscle Beach where super strong people make showing their abilities on the exercise devices the main attraction as is their muscles to, if you have some muscles this is where you show them to the ladies walking by, and everybody else to.
Lately, the main aroma your nostrils will perceive is the very characteristic aroma of the cannabis leafs being used to smoke by some people in the effort of getting a different perspective on the place, so many people are into using this cannabis leaf for smoking that you can buy some right there at the boardwalk, the other thing you are going to notice is an abundant amount of tourist that visit this place, you can easily identify them by their clothing apparel, some are very well dressed for the place, they probably come from europe because they say that europeans are very well dressed and sofisticated people.
Apart from the tourists you will find the locals, which are very unique individuals that have very elaborate hair styles, most off them remind me of the hippie days of the 60s and 70s, yes i was there and also wore my hair long until i met my wife who cut my hair and made me a more respectable person and i obeyed silently, my parents thank her for that, i also had to give up my cannabis habits because of her, we have been married for 43 years now and probably keep on going.
So back to Venice Beach, you will also find good and bad singers and musicians, i applaud all of them because they all are after their dreams and some are just after a few dollars to have enough to eat till the next day, some of them live right there on the beach.
For all the street photographers this is the place for you, you will find tons of people and also from all walks of life and styles of living and dressing, the best time to go is of course in the summer.
Here are some of my pictures from Venice Beach