What Do Feelings Have To Do With Photography


Your eyes are just an instrument that your brain uses to see, but the decisions to take a photo come from your brain, or do they?

Actually, the brain is just an instrument that your soul uses to be able to function in this world, so where do your decisions come from to take a photo? they should come from your soul, if they are coming from your brain then the photos will possibly be perfect photos, technically perfect but will lack life, will lack that extra thing that will make them come alive.
How do you know that a photo comes from your brain or your soul?
answer: By means of feelings, your soul communicates to your brain by means of feelings, it does not use logic or words but feelings. So you should go about your photographing by feelings, that is why you should have your feelings first to decide which scene to photograph and after that, if you have time enough then you can apply all the rules you want, that is without ruining the feeling.
some people are blessed to have a clear connection with their souls by means of feelings and they have always taken their decisions by what they feel, but not everybody is so blessed, all the rest have to learn how to trust their feelings.
It’s what is commonly known as Being Intuitive
Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning.

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