A New Perspective On Photography

Our brain deals with concepts of things, we all translate a concept into something we understand, but we live in a world of concepts. According to the dictionary concept is “An abstract idea; a general notion
If i say “Car” you will in your mind see a car because the concept of a car is already in your mind so you retrieve that concept/notion and you know immediately what the word means but the word

car in your mind could be a Volkswagen and same concept “Car” for somebody else could be a Lamborghini, so what does this have to do with photography, well it does because depending on what you have as a concept about your photography that is what you are going to direct all your photography at and you could be missing a whole world of possibilities that you don’t even imagine because the concept is not present in your head.

But imagine the instead of trying to photograph an artistic photo (because you have that concept in your head) instead you photograph with the concept of entertainment.
The word entertainment brings up a concept to all of us signifying maybe movies, music, dancers etc. but for some reason not in photography.

Well if that is the case let me introduce to you a new concept/ perspective in photography, entertainment photography, and here’s an explanation of what it is;
This new concept is not really a new concept it’s been there all the time it just has not been brought forth to the front where it can be seen.
It is based on the fact that we all as humans are pretty much drawn to entertainment, our senses will automatically steer the way of entertainment, if we here a singer in the street we stop and take a few minutes to listen , if the singer is good then we stay for the duration of the song, same happens with a juggler, or a dancer or a theatrical play or a movie or whatever our senses pick up as entertainment, sometimes we are entertained by a fight in the street or a person fighting his next door neighbor, the point is that we as humans will be atracted always to a good entertainment it’s just in our genes, maybe it’s curiosity.
So if you are not including the entertainment factor in your photographs then you are missing one of the most important factors of photography that will trigger the entertainment/curiosity gene in people. So the number one and first condition you should have to take a picture/photo is “Will this be interesting to people as an entertainment photo?
This mind set that your photo has to be entertaining has to be the first setting and the most important, if you fail on this one what use is to go with the rest of the rules of photography and to try to make it the best if the foundation is boring.
Use your own feelings to determine what others feel when looking at your photos, when you pick up a magazine of whatever and you are looking at all the photos you will flip thru the pages fast when the images are repetitions of other similar images you have seen before, ah but when you see one that you have never seen before then you stop and immerse yourself in that image for a minute or two depending on how different it is, (And i have to emphasize here i said Different not GOOD
So Different is the big humongous success keyword, so never again make common photos better make photos that are different based on your new found perspective on photography and you will stand out.

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